Sometimes you need to look inside to see the road ahead.

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I took a look at my journal from a year ago and saw that I was struggling with insecurities. I was looking for a way to overcome them.

This problem led me to a road of self-discovery. At times this road felt like an enjoyable road trip, and at times it was more like a diving airplane that’s about to crash. Learning about your true motivations is not always something we enjoy. But it is a necessary step to improve yourself.

In this story, I talk about the questions that I asked myself to get past my insecurities. They have…

Nothing’s perfect and neither is Google Play’s billing system.

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Earning money on Google Play feels satisfying. Fixing Google Play’s billing issues can feel like calming down a crying baby. You don’t know what caused it or how to fix it.

The key to solving this is knowledge. If you’re aware of these issues before they happen, it is a lot easier for you to fix them.

In this story, I will tell you about 5 billing system issues I found and my solutions for them. I learned this the hard way, but you don’t need to.

Many Google Accounts on a Single Device

Having many Google accounts on a device is the most common cause of…

We tend to put a lot of value on writing code that works and being able to implement a wide variety of things. This is an important aspect, but it’s not everything. Many core skills are required to becoming truly great at what we do, which often gets overlooked. Read on to find 7 skills that can make you an even better software developer!

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To explain our thoughts to our colleagues and customers, you need communication skills. You need to learn how to convey your complex thoughts in a way that makes everyone understand you. Simplify your ideas. This might…

Dejan Kuritz

Software engineer and a business owner with an endless thirst for knowledge.

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