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App Developer | 1M+ downloads | Google Play Best of 2019 | I love psychology and software development, so I use both in my apps.

We tend to put a lot of value on writing code that works and being able to implement a wide variety of things. This is an important aspect, but it’s not everything. Many core skills are required to becoming truly great at what we do, which often gets overlooked. …

People always try to change you. They try to make you fit into a mold that they can understand. If you’re different, they tell you to stop being so. If you’re living a different life, they try and make you question yourself.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

A select number of people handle this situation in a very specific way. They decide to become great. They place high standards and expectations on themselves. By applying those standards, they try to prove that their way is the correct way.

When it comes to success, this often works out…

We often place limits on ourselves to fit in. We want to feel like we belong.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

But in doing so, we hide parts of ourselves. We lock ourselves away. We trade our uniqueness for the feeling of connection.

But is it a true connection if we’re hiding? True connection comes when we are completely ourselves. …

Nothing’s perfect and neither is Google Play’s billing system.

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Earning money on Google Play feels satisfying. Fixing Google Play’s billing issues can feel like calming down a crying baby. You don’t know what caused it or how to fix it.

The key to solving this is knowledge. …

Dejan Kuritz

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